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specialism - hand knitwear design


Collection Statement

Exploring five countries of Scandinavia, Útanlands draws on traditional techniques and styles to create a six outfit collection spanning mythology and its origins from around the North Sea, whilst also incorporating modern narratives along the way.

Each garments tells its own story using historical and contemporary motifs tailored to the intended message. The work explored the opportunity for every knitter to enshrine their own history into a garment making it personal and accessible to those around them.

Each piece has many layers to the object, allowing different parts to stand out to varying kinds of people; the knitter may see the construction, the adult may see a story unfold throughout, and the child may see bright colours and interesting pictures. There are no wrong answers here and this collection strives to show how powerful personalised garments can be for a wider audience.

Banner photography by Bill Page

BA (Hons) Fashion Design


Collection Statement


Banner photography by Baa Ram Ewe